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Commercial Cleaners

Nu-Look Ltd Cleaning services and facilities management

At Nu-Look Ltd. our cleaners are committed to providing a commercial cleaning service of the highest quality. We believe that delivering complete customer satisfaction is of paramount importance, and our professional cleaners aim to exceed the expectations of our clients at all times. You can rest assured that choosing Nu-Look Ltd. to fulfil the cleaning requirements of your business is the best decision you can make.

Our comprehensive range of cleaning services includes:

Office Cleaning Services

Are you tired of starting your workday in a cluttered, unkempt office? Dust-covered desks and grimy floors can dampen your productivity. It's time for a change. Transform your work environment with our top-tier office cleaning services in Greater London. Say goodbye to the mess and hello to a fresh, pristine workspace that fosters productivity and professionalism.
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School Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in schools is more critical than ever. However, the challenges of managing cleanliness in educational facilities can be overwhelming. From high foot traffic to the spread of germs, schools face unique cleaning challenges that demand specialised solutions. That's where professional janitorial services for schools come in.
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Coronavirus Deep Clean

In the wake of the global pandemic, the need for thorough and effective cleaning solutions has never been more pressing. At Nu-Look Ltd, we recognise the challenges businesses and communities face in maintaining safe and hygienic environments amidst the threat of COVID-19. Our Coronavirus Deep Cleaning service addresses the pain points, solves the problems, and promises a cleaner, safer future.
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Surgery Cleaning

Whether you're a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, podiatrist, or physiotherapist, you face a common set of challenges as a healthcare professional. Ensuring that your practice is immaculately clean is crucial for compliance with health regulations and providing a safe, welcoming environment for your patients. Yet, maintaining such high standards can often feel like a daunting task.
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Industrial Cleaning

Our comprehensive range of industrial cleaning services. With a strong understanding of the unique challenges involved in cleaning industrial environments, Nu-Look Ltd’s team of professional cleaners are dedicated to providing a reliable and high-quality service that fully meets the specific needs of your business.
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After-Builders Cleaning

When construction or renovation work is completed, the aftermath can be daunting. Dust, debris, and construction residues can transform your newly built or renovated space into a chaotic mess. At Nu-Look Ltd, we understand the challenges of post-construction clean-up. We are here to provide a solution that addresses your pain points and promises a spotless, welcoming environment. Completing any building project, whether a minor renovation or a large-scale construction, is often followed by significant clean-up challenges. 
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End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

Are you a landlord tired of preparing properties for new tenants? Say goodbye to the stress and headaches of end-of-tenancy cleaning. Our professional cleaning service streamlines the process and ensures your properties are spotless and ready for new occupants. Let us take the burden off your shoulders and deliver peace of mind with our top-tier end-of-tenancy cleaning solutions.
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Commercial Cleaning

Are you tired of dealing with subpar cleaning services that leave your workspace looking less than pristine? Look no further! Our top-notch commercial cleaning services in and around London are here to revolutionize how you maintain your business environment. Say goodbye to dusty desks, grimy floors, and unpleasant odours. It's time to elevate your workspace to a new level of cleanliness and professionalism.
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Need a little help with your commercial cleaning?

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Support Service & Cleaners

Our team of expert cleaners in Croydon and nationwide are experienced in meeting the commercial cleaning needs of businesses within Croydon and the surrounding areas including Purley, Wimbledon, Redhill, Mitcham, Caterham many more areas around the country.

Maintaining a clean workplace has become more essential than ever, and you owe it to your employees, customers and anybody else who may visit your business premises to provide a clean, safe environment. As trusted and reputable cleaners, we can ensure that your workplace benefits from the highest cleaning standards, encouraging a positive and productive atmosphere.

What our customers think!

“Their service is great, I would recommend this service because they were always on time and did their job well at the right price!”

Paul Penny

Commercial Cleaning Croydon

“Their service is great I would recommend this service because they were always on time and did their job well at the right price!”

Navigation Estates

End of Tenancy Cleaning London

“We use Nu-Look for our offices, great contractors, great eye for detail!”

Simon Oldman

Office Cleaning Croydon

“I used Nu-Look for end-of-tenancy cleaning after my apartment was a mess. They cleaned the place from top to bottom, I could not be happier!”

Andrew Land

End of Tenancy Cleaning Croydon

“Prior to our contact with Nu-Look LTD, I was constantly receiving complaints from staff and the service users regarding the standard of cleaning. We have now had a contract with Nu-Look LTD for almost 2 years and I have not received one complaint, the standard of cleaning is very good, the staff are well-trained, polite, courteous and Marc (Manager) is always able to assist if we are experiencing other problems, including plumbing or electric issues; which are usually rectified the same or following day.

I am more than likely to recommend Nu-Look to anyone considering a cleaning contract.”

Peter Phillips From Mind in Croydon (Employment & Social Inclusion Services Manager).

Office Cleaning Croyden

Commercial Cleaning

At Nu-Look Ltd. we offer flexible and completely bespoke cleaning services which can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your business. With experience ranging from school cleaning and office cleaning to retail outlets and housing associations, we understand that every business has different cleaning requirements. Utilising the knowledge gained from a decade in the cleaning industry, we will assess each contract on an individual basis and our cleaners will deliver a cleaning service that is tailored to you.

If you are a business in Croydon, Purley, Wimbledon, Redhill, Mitcham or Caterham and you require a professional cleaning service that you can rely on to deliver the best service in the industry, get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss how our expert cleaners can meet your needs. We do also provide our services nationally, so if you would like to know whether we offer cleaning services in your area, please contact us today.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Whether you’re a landlord, letting agency or housing association looking to have your property professionally cleaned between tenancies, or you’re a current tenant requiring assistance from skilled cleaners to ensure your complete deposit is returned, we can help. Our end of tenancy cleaning service involves a deep clean of the property, guaranteeing that the premises is in immaculate condition for new tenants moving in.